The MANZIERI P. & Co. Founded in 1995 by Petro Manzieri, who has been in the market of woodworking since 1980. Also it has been among the most renowned and established companies in the field of woodworking machinery and cutting tools.

The growing needs of the market for technology and expertise, made us first in the field of woodworking machinery, cutting tools and sharpening.

Our goal is to always offer exemplary service and outstanding products. Our partners know they can rely on us because:

• We abide our commitments and agreements

• Always try to find ways to upgrade our services

• We are constantly searching   the most modern and effective ways to handle the most competitive products for your business.

We keep offering integrated solutions and build trustworthy relationships with our customers.

Our philosophy

• Our vision is to provide our customers with excellent services, universally high standard, in every part of our cooperation.

• Our guide has always been your own evaluation in order for our company is the first choice of buyers.

Our Principles

• Respect the customer, laws, Environment

•The constant development and support of our products and services